Ecological architecture - sustainable design

Gaïa International

Founded in 1990 this is a loose-knit network of like-minded practitioners, researchers, academics authors and polemicists in ecological architecture, planning and sustainable or green design. It is based on a free association of individuals and ideas.

During early days of slow acceptance of ideas about eco building and urbanism in this group was hugely important in mutual support and esprit de corps.

Apart from frequent web communications, very occasional meetings (to save carbon emissions) are held at the seat of each member on a rotation.

First of all we take some time to get a sense of the place where we are meeting, (Ireland, Germany, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland) - sometimes a sauna/ swim or just a walk in the woods: Then sharing of experiences since we last met, and finally a projection into the future. Members have diverse interests including ecological architecture, green design, sustainable building and include sustainable economics, politics.