Ecological architecture - sustainable design

Winner of the prestigious LAMA award for this design for The Best Eco-Friendly Building

    Timber structure of five storeys
  • Passive solar heating; strategic orientation / shading
  • Passive cooling ventilation: high thermal mass undercroft
  • Passive ventilation by Solar Chimney
  • Rainwater management system
  • Baubiologie building fabric, of clay timber cellulose etc
  • Interior Planting for air quality management
  • deciduous shading on pergola trellis work on SE and SW
  • gas driven heat pumps / condensing boilers
  • sedum and intensive grass roofs
  • Interior passive natural ventilation: cellular and open plan while preserving acoustic privacy
  • synergy with community-driven self-help organisation
  • Building Energy Management System controlling PV solar powered servos on many windows, vents, pumps, dampers, fans to optimise performance; fine tuning of software in the light of several years monitoring
  • Active solar thermal hot water system
  • Engineered solution to fire safety and evacuation
  • long design life approach to exterior and rain screen elements of a building from organic materials, while minimising embodied energy; the trade off required
  • double façade and ventilation box windows
  • Article by Pirmin Jung in 'Architektur & Technik', May 2008 Switzerland