Ecological architecture - sustainable design

This dwelling in a sustainable woodland, filled and planted to restore a worked-out quarry 50 years ago. Construction is virtually all timber, has a heat pump drawing from a reflecting pond and south facing banks of earth. The whole site is worked as permaculture. There is reed-bed water treatment and a well on site. Passive solar principles were applied. Good daylight factor, especially from the high sky component, in dense woodland drove the design and deciduous shading in Summer helps avoid overheating.


"It retains its energy-saving credentials almost three decades later"


                                                                            - Review in the Financial Times


 "The EcoHouse is a successful example of a building whose design stems from its empathy with the site, and its use of natural materials and passive energy. The ecological aspirations have been successfully combined with a sympathetic architectural form to create a building of great visual appeal."


                                                                            - RIAI, Irish Architecture Awards